I-Mark Software FAQ

I-Mark software is used both for Integration Systems and Turn Key marking systems.

Tech Support for marker with firmware updates.




I am trying to reach someone in the customer support group that might be able to help me with an error that I am seeing on our machine (SN AJ3832).  The error says that either the… Continue reading

How to import a file to I-Mark

Q: Can I import a program into I-Mark.


A: Yes you can import a file, and it is quite simply actually.



To get a file off a removable device,  or of your PC.


Open your… Continue reading

Using CAD images inside I-Mark software to aid in programming

Customers purchasing programmable dot peen marking stations often ask what can be done to make programming a marking layout easier.  The answer is simple, use the CAD data of the part as a background image in your marking layout.… Continue reading

I-Mark Eternet IP

Q: We are experiencing a periodic Loss of “Marking In Progress” signal?

A: We understand that there is a periodic communication issue with one of our systems. Please understand that all CMT I-Mark systems are fully tested and of course… Continue reading

I-Mark – No Mapped Controller

Q: After programming system and shutting down PC, and then turning it on again, there are now no mapped controllers?

A: The problem with not being able to connect is that on the laptop the Wireless network interface… Continue reading

Modbus uses with I-Mark

Q: I am using a Modicon M340 controller. I would like to understand how you specify the addressing for the program file selection. Do I create the address in the stamper or are they fixed?

A: It is fixed. … Continue reading

What software platform does I-Mark run on?

Q: What software platform does I-Mark run on?

A: I-Mark 2.0 currently only runs on all versions of Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8, both 32 and 64 bit. Please note the older versions 1.73 and before, only… Continue reading

I-Mark with Rotator

Q: Does the rotator alsways have to be connected to the I-Mark system?

Q: Yes. If a rotator is purchased then the complete system must be connected to assure a properly “homed” cycle.

Serial Data string

Q: I was wondering about the data string listed in the I-Mark Model 200 Connections Guide.   

                      … Continue reading

I-Mark controller customer supplied power

Q: It is not clear which side should be furnishing power, sourcing or sinking, and what is isolated.

For example, the output connections call for both a 24v and a Common connection from the customer. I am confused as to… Continue reading