I-Mark Software FAQ

I-Mark software is used both for Integration Systems and Turn Key marking systems.

IM-IS60 How to add an external start button


How  to add an external start button to an IM-IS60? Also can  I access the internal 24V power for the button instead of adding an external power supply?


When adding an External start button note that… Continue reading

Tech Support for marker with firmware updates.




I am trying to reach someone in the customer support group that might be able to help me with an error that I am seeing on our machine (SN AJ3832).  The error says that either the… Continue reading

How to import a file to I-Mark

Q: Can I import a program into I-Mark.


A: Yes you can import a file, and it is quite simply actually.



To get a file off a removable device,  or of your PC.


Open your… Continue reading

Using CAD images inside I-Mark software to aid in programming

Customers purchasing programmable dot peen marking stations often ask what can be done to make programming a marking layout easier.  The answer is simple, use the CAD data of the part as a background image in your marking layout.… Continue reading

I-Mark Eternet IP

Q: We are experiencing a periodic Loss of “Marking In Progress” signal?

A: We understand that there is a periodic communication issue with one of our systems. Please understand that all CMT I-Mark systems are fully tested and of course… Continue reading

I-Mark – No Mapped Controller

Q: After programming system and shutting down PC, and then turning it on again, there are now no mapped controllers?

A: The problem with not being able to connect is that on the laptop the Wireless network interface… Continue reading

Modbus uses with I-Mark

Q: I am using a Modicon M340 controller. I would like to understand how you specify the addressing for the program file selection. Do I create the address in the stamper or are they fixed?

A: It is fixed. … Continue reading

What software platform does I-Mark run on?

Q: What software platform does I-Mark run on?

A: I-Mark 2.0 currently only runs on all versions of Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8, both 32 and 64 bit. Please note the older versions 1.73 and before, only… Continue reading

I-Mark with Rotator

Q: Does the rotator alsways have to be connected to the I-Mark system?

Q: Yes. If a rotator is purchased then the complete system must be connected to assure a properly “homed” cycle.

Serial Data string

Q: I was wondering about the data string listed in the I-Mark Model 200 Connections Guide.   

                      … Continue reading