Flange Marking – Large Diameter

Columbia Marking Tools has a special roll marking process to mark the OD of large diameters. The roll marking process is upgraded to include a motorized round tooling attachment to mark on round parts. This process results in using less force than the standard roll marking technique and retains the amazing quick cycle time.

Logo Mark on ROund part

Brand Identity

In these tough times, manufacturers look closely at what produces sales results. Recognized methods include: print ads, web-sites, direct mailing and conventions. Though these are all good ways, they are temporary and must be reinforced. The most important sales tool is usually overlooked – the product itself. In the very competitive performance racing industry, brand recognition is extremely important. Simple questions to ask yourself: Can your customers tell the difference between your product and your competitor’s? Does your product promote your company? Is your brand identity permanent? If you answered yes – you are the lucky few.