2D Terms & Definitions

Direct Part Marking (DPM): The use of technology to produce a 2D symbol directly on an item that is not a label

Life of a Part: The intended life cycle of a part which is determined by the manufacturer

Mark: The result of lasing, dot-peening or scribing a part

Permanent Mark: A mark on a part that can withstand its operational environment and remain readable for the intended life cycle

Mark Verification: Confirmation that a 2D symbol is marked correctly and conforms to the specific quantity standard

Code Validation: Confirmation that the data in a symbol is correct

Error Correction: The ability of the decode software to compensate for errors by taking advantage of the inherent redundancy in the symbol

Structured Light: Illumination configured to optimize image quality

2D code reading my by camera

Ambient Light: Uncontrolled light from the surrounding environment

Mark Reading: Decoding a symbol in a production environment so that action can be taken based on the information in the symbol which sets a goal of correctly decoding every symbol at a reading station

Quite Zone: Clear area surrounding the symbol because the data matrix codes require a quiet zone 2 modules wide.