Logo Mark on ROund part

Brand Identity

In these tough times, manufacturers look closely at what produces sales results. Recognized methods include: print ads, web-sites, direct mailing and conventions. Though these are all good ways, they are temporary and must be reinforced. The most important sales tool is usually overlooked – the product itself. In the very competitive performance racing industry, brand recognition is extremely important. Simple questions to ask yourself: Can your customers tell the difference between your product and your competitor’s? Does your product promote your company? Is your brand identity permanent? If you answered yes – you are the lucky few.

Laser LE24

Laser LE24

• Class 1 (CDRH) certified by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health  • Large Viewable Safety Glass • Optional Fume Extractor (shown) • Optional Auto door (shown) • Optional Machine Base (shown) • Optional PC package (shown) • Rounded Door with integrated safety lock • Fixture Tee-Slot Mounting Plate Read more…

Laser Maker

CMT 20 Watt Fiber Laser AC06669 Marking Machine Including: Machine Description: * Floor style stand alone, heavy duty, all steel fabricated and machined Base * Fixture mounting master tooling plate assembled and installed with location points. * Pallet powered fixture slide with heavy duty cam follower roller bearing to transfer Read more…

Laser TEST Mark

RE: Test marking date/ shift code with a 2D Data Matrix. *Parts were provided with a mark previously done with a Telesis pin stamper. Test mark to show the how CMT’s Patented Square Dot can provide a reliable readable mark every time.   Test Mark Marking: Honda Transmission Cover Material: Read more…