I-Mark – Recovery after Safety Stop

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Q: What is the recovery if the safety were to go down in the middle of the marking. This does not necessarily stop the marker but the air will go down causing the marker to not mark even though it completes the sequence. What would be your suggestion on how to recover from this situation?

The actual mark is a text containing Julian Date, Shift Code and a Serial number. If I were to trigger the marker again after safeties come back up, the counter value will be different than the one it started with when the safeties went down. How do I address this situation?

A: So if the Marker is “Marking in Progress” Input[0].2, send a “Reset” bit to the marker Output[0].1 until you see a “Faulted” signal come high. Which is the fourth bit of the input table or Input[0].3. This will abort the marker mid-mark and it will not increment the counter.

Then if you send a second reset bit the marker will go home and become Ready again.

Send the second reset only after you’ve recovered your safety and are ready to send everything home.

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