Pipe Marking – for industrial use

Columbia Marking Tools offers a hand held light weight dot peen marking machine. This hand held system allows for the marking of VERY large parts, and can also be used as a benchtop model. The Hand held Model HH2050 uses the easy to use I-Mark windows software to program the flexible marking layouts.

COVID-19 Update

Columbia Marking Tools is here to Support your Manufacturing NeedsOffering a 10% Discount on I-Mark Heads, Air Impact Markers & Parts Columbia Marking Tools has implemented the Federal Guidelines regarding the COVID-19 virus. During this time, CMT will continue to provide quality machines and tooling to assure ongoing manufacturing can Read more…

Clear Scribe Marking

The Diamond Scribe creates very clean looking marks. The diamond tip embeds into the substrate and carves the characters. This is different than a dot-peen or pinstamp method. In the pinstamp operation the carbide pin quickly impacts the surface in rapid succession while the marking head is moved across the surface tracing the characters.