COVID-19 Update

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Columbia Marking Tools is here to Support your Manufacturing Needs
Offering a 10% Discount on I-Mark Heads,
Air Impact Markers & Parts

Columbia Marking Tools has implemented the Federal Guidelines regarding the COVID-19 virus. During this time, CMT will continue to provide quality machines and tooling to assure ongoing manufacturing can meet demand.
In light of the challenges that our customers and we at Columbia Marking Tools are facing during this emergency, we have decided that partnership is more important than profit. As many of our repeat customers know, Columbia Marking Tools has not raised our prices on the I-Mark or Air Impact line in over 10 years. So this offering is unique and extreme.

10% off I-Mark Heads, Air Impact Markers & Spare Parts

I-Mark head

Quality I-Mark brand marking heads are made for industrial automation and feature high torque motors and all metal frame and pin housings.

These industrial-quality systems are designed to last, but having spares is always a good idea, especially when they are being offered at the lowest rate in over a decade.

CMT Air Impact Marker

The Mite-E-Mark and other Columbia Marking Tools air impact markers are known for superb traceability and quality control. These industrial systems have an average lifespan of 7 years – but a back up is always a good plan.

CMT air impact markers have a simple seal kit that is key to its longevity. These seal kits should be replaced 4 times per year in high volume production.

Stock up on spare parts like seal kits!

Spare parts are always a good investment to ensure continued operation of your marking equipment. Place a BULK order with the unheard of discount and let us know when delivery is desired. (Delivery through 12/31/2020).

Get this great deal now Use reference code CMT10. Offer expires 4/30/2020.