I-Mark I/O Mapping

The First word of the Input bits is the I-Mark Status Word and the First word of the Outputs is the Control Word of I-Mark.  Here is the mapping for what bit is which function according to I-Mark’s Inputs… Continue reading

I-Mark Eternet IP

Q: We are experiencing a periodic Loss of “Marking In Progress” signal?

A: We understand that there is a periodic communication issue with one of our systems. Please understand that all CMT I-Mark systems are fully tested and of course… Continue reading

IMID I-Mark Dot-Peen pin “sticking”

Q: We are having a problem with one of the I-mark system we have for the Paccar project. During production it will just stop and the pin will be stuck up in the marker, how we recover is to go… Continue reading

Serial Data string

Q: I was wondering about the data string listed in the I-Mark Model 200 Connections Guide.   

                      … Continue reading