Dot-Peen FAQ

FAQ for Dot-Peen marking

Handy Andy X Manual

“Soft” Home position – Why Not?

CMT has been invited to upgrade dot-peen installations that are using a competitor’s systems and have a homing failure. We also understand that a “Soft” or programmed “Home” position” is being used in these applications.

The Red Star is at… Continue reading

How to change and modify your layout.

Here is a demonstration of how to change a layout while marking without creating a new layout.

Once you have your layouts taught in to their select locations and you want to change… Continue reading

I-Mark service RMA

Customer: Do I need an RMA to send in my IM-M75 for service. We had a part crash into the head and I would like it reviewed.


CMT: Sorry to hear that, yes you can use the link below… Continue reading

How many amps does the controller for the IM-ID60 draw?

Customer: How many amps does the model 200 controller for the IM-ID60 draw?


CMT: 6 amp draw on average. 10 amp circuit breaker is recommended.

Pin to Part option for IM-IS60 Diamond Scribe Machine

Question: How far does the pin travel so I can set up the head far enough back to make room for part loading/ unloading?

Answer: When scribe marking, the pin must be close to the part to offer longer pin… Continue reading

Safety First

Question:  Our company has very strict safety requirements.  Can you offer additional options to meet our requirements?

Answer: Yes we can.  This customer wanted us to tie a Light Curtain into the safety circuit with their M75… Continue reading

Programmable Marking vs Impact Marking

Question:  What is the difference between Dot Peen marking and Impact?

Answer: Programmable marking gives you the versatility of marking several different legends and logs with very easy change over.  If your mark is doesn’t chance much and… Continue reading

Extended Pin Housing for M-Series Machine

Question: Why should I purchase the extended pin assemble for my machine?

Answer:  When marking tags or other small parts, the extended pin assembly will give you more room between the marking head and the part.  This will… Continue reading

Using CAD images inside I-Mark software to aid in programming

Customers purchasing programmable dot peen marking stations often ask what can be done to make programming a marking layout easier.  The answer is simple, use the CAD data of the part as a background image in your marking layout.… Continue reading