Drew Davis

Model 288 Rod sticking


We are using the PLC to send a signal for a very short time so we can control how hard we stamp the part. We have measured the wave form and it appears the signal is good. Could you… Continue reading

FAQ Model 78 MIte E Mark


Of this model 78FKOB10E, I would like to know what is the difference between a pneumatic marker lubricated or dry?

I would also like to know if the marker tips are included and in what sizes?



The… Continue reading

LE16 Auto Door Adjustment


Customer is having some issues with their enclosure. When the fume extractor is on (even on its lowest setting) the automatic door won’t open (they have the proper PSI that is recommended by CMT).



   … Continue reading

CMT’s LE16 Eclipse Drawer Style Laser Enclosure




LE16 Drawer Style The enclosure will be Class 1 certified by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)

Standard Features *Light Tight Enclosure *Large Viewable Safety Glass *Variable Height Adjustment *Laser Status Light *Mounted on Isolation… Continue reading

LE 24 Eclipse Laser Enclosures




LE24 Standard Features The enclosure will be Class 1 certified by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)

The enclosure will a light tight bench-top model incorporating the following features: o Large Viewable Safety Glass o… Continue reading

FAQ Position Sensors



I have a question regarding your markers and the mounting of the positioning sensor on the rear of the unit

Within my company this unit has been used several times and the existing order number is… Continue reading

I-Mark IM-M200 Bench Top Dot Peen Programmable marking system


IM-M200– I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:


Marking Head Assembly

  1. Bench-top stand
  2. Controller Model 200
  3. Integrated PC, includes I-Mark software preloaded on Windows 7 (32 bit and 64… Continue reading

Machined Aluminum Dot peen and Scribe Sample marks


Sample marks showing Dot-Peen and Scribe on Machined Aluminum surface.


Sample Dot-Peen Mark

Model: IMID60 I-Mark I series

Character size: 1/8”

Depth of mark: .003” – .004” (not including raise up)

Marking Speed: 4-5 characters per second

Travel… Continue reading

IMIS60 Scribe Marking Machined Aluminum

Columbia Marking Tools IM-IS60 Scribe marking machined aluminum. Marking a 6 digit date code into machined aluminum.

Questions on FRL for Model 75


Good Morning  I currently am looking for a new 075FRL20. I need to know what size fittings are on the ends of the hose. I have attached a couple pictures  of what I am looking for.… Continue reading