FAQ Position Sensors

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I have a question regarding your markers and the mounting of the positioning sensor on the rear of the unit

Within my company this unit has been used several times and the existing order number is 78FK-OB-10-E the

cad model I have shows the rear connector off to the right as shown below


However this causes me an issue in the design I am working on and would like to rotate the rear connector 180 deg

As per the image below now the holes all line up and I cannot see a reason it cannot be mounted in this way but could

You please confirm there is no issue with this?  As always a speedy response would be appreciated as I need to get this

Job into manufacture and the units on order.



Answer :


Good Morning John,

The position sensor can be rotated 360 degrees to your desired location.

I have replicated the positions of your cad Drawings.


To rotate the position sensor:

Loosen the (2) 3/16 hex. There is one on the top and bottom in opposite corners.

**Please note the hex does not need to be taken out only loosened.




Once loosened you can now rotate the senor 360 degrees to your desired location.

Re-tighten the (2) 3/16” hex.

Mount to machine.