Marking before coating

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Many times the marking part/product must be done prior to the coating process. It is there fore important to select a marking process that provides sufficient depth to be visible after the coating process.

This particular example shows the following marks:

Top Line – (5) 1/4″ characters

Bottom Line – (5) 3/16″ characters

The model used for this example is the CMT exclusive Slide-A-Mark 10 ton unit Model 851.

Marking Example Parameters:

  • Model – 851
  • Character – 5
  • Character size – 1/4″ & 3/16″
  • Air pressure – 60 psi
  • Coating – standard machine paint (2) coats

The smaller characters, 3/16″, have a deeper mark, and will be visible through thicker coating process, or more coats of paint.

The larger characters, 1/4″, are very clearly visible in the paint coating process.

Important Note: The air impact model 851 is both FASTER and LESS expensive than other marking process options (like dot-peen or laser). This is a great solution to consider when marking prior to any type of final coating process.

Marc Steele

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