Model 288 – Bounce

Published by Marc Steele on

Q: Having problems with the stamp bouncing – see video.

A: The retract command to the valve needs to be almost instantaneous to prevent the bouncing. Often times the plc’s or logic devices have a hard time being timed just right which is why CMT offers an adjustable mechanical return valve. It will accept your 24v signal to fire the valve and then automatically return the Impact Marker based on an adjustment knob on the valve. It makes it much easier to dial in the retraction of the Impact Marker to prevent this bouncing action.

Recommended changes are to swap out the 1/4″ airline @36 inch length to the 3/8” I.D. minimum.  It looks like your application is starving the Impact Marker for Volume of air. The 3/8” I.D. will help with this.

Also as I noted, it appears that the clip for the Impact Marker is hitting the clip against those Nylock nuts and that needs to be adjusted to make sure you are not doing that. You will very quickly wear out the system and find yourself breaking clips often.  Please adjust the markers location to prevent that.

Marc Steele

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