I-Mark IM-M200 Bench Top Dot Peen Programmable marking system

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IM-M200– I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:


Marking Head Assembly

  1. Bench-top stand
  2. Controller Model 200
  3. Integrated PC, includes I-Mark software preloaded on Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) platform
  4. Cable to connect Marking Head to Controller
  5. Monitor & Keyboard with integrated mouse
  6. Requires 1 shop air line 1/4″ NPT and 110VAC power supply

    Marking Head Assembly

  7. Marking window 200mm x 200mm, 8″ x 8″
  1. Marks 3-4 Characters per second
  2. High quality linear shaft guides
  3. All metal pin assembly
  4. Uses carbide stylus

    Bench-top Stand

  5. Quality Extruded Aluminum Base
  6. T-Slot table 12” x 14”
  7. Manual up & down movement column assembly with high quality lead screw
  8. Marks parts up to 11” tall
  9. System pressure regulator with air gauge included

    Controller Model 200

  10. NEMA  industrial enclosure 14″ W x 8″ H x 6″ D
  11. Sixteen (16) 24vdc optically isolated digital I/O fully programmable with software for controlling external hardware devices to help save costs in automated applications. (8 inputs and 8 outputs)
  12. Binary select feature for selecting & executing up to 32 multiple programs via the I/O
  13. Ethernet 10/100 BaseT communications for programming and integration into system network (can be used with static IP setup or in DHCP mode on a network)
  14. I-Mark high resolution networkable motor drives for stepper or servo motor control with 10a peak motor output per axis. (Up to 4-axis per controller)
  15. Digital current and servo loops with line driver encoder  for controlling servo motors
  16. Closed or open loop stepper motor control with micro stepping capability.
  17. Industrial Harting interface connectors for marking head & I/O
  18. Serial Data port for input 

    I-MARK Software including:

  1. Intuitive graphical user interface for mark layout / program creation.
  2. Drag and Drop functionality for easy program creation and entity sizing.
  3. Generate fixed or dynamic text entities. Including dates, times, counters, serial numbers, text placeholders, shift codes or Ascii characters.
  4. Dynamically adjustable character height, width, and  separation features
  5. Multiple font support including OCR
  6. Advanced 2d data matrix code printing with built in depth/position control tools
  7. CMT patented SquareDot™ option for 2d matrix code printing on cast or other hard to read surfaces
  8. Programmable user way points and digital I/O within the marking sequence for creation of fully automated workstations.
  9. Import DWG/DXF drawing files for background imaging or graphical printing.
  10. Advanced axis jogging with position feedback for part setup and mark position teaching. Also includes printing simulator for testing mark position before printing
  11. Advanced fault and production data logging locally
  12. Machine controller page with advanced diagnostics 
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