LE48 Laser Large Bed

Laser LE48

CMT Eclipsetm LE48 is a perfect versatile low volume large part laser marking station. The LE48 is a Class 1 certified laser enclosure (CDRH). CMT offers a variety of laser source selection, along with 4 optional automated axis… Continue reading

Laser LE24

Laser LE24

• Class 1 certified by the Center for Devices and RadiologicalHealth (CDRH)

• Large Viewable Safety Glass

• Optional Fume Extractor (shown)

• Optional Auto door (shown)

• Optional Machine Base (shown)

• Optional PC package (shown)

•… Continue reading

LE16 drawer style laser enclosure

LE16 drawer style laser enclosure

• Class 1 certified by the Center for Devices and RadiologicalHealth (CDRH)

• Light Tight Enclosure

• Large Viewable Safety Glass

• Variable Height Adjustment

• Laser Status Ligh

• Mounted on Isolation Feet

•… Continue reading

ID60 Test Mark Filtration Housing Component

Marking Solution tested: ID60

Part Description: Filtration housing component

Part Material: Glass filled nylon

Mark info: Character size: 5MM

Information in 2D code:

Mark cycle time required: N/A 8.7 seconds as tested

Mark info: # of characters: Varied as need… Continue reading

Columbia Marking Tools Introduction

A quick video introduction to Columbia Marking Tools Continue reading

I-Mark IMH60 Heavy Duty Dot-Pen Hand Held Marker

I-Mark Electronic Dot-Peen Hand Held

The all electric hand held dot-peen solution from CMT offers a great choice for flexible part marking. 

I-Mark Hand Held Video

The CMT I-Mark IMH60 Hand Held Heavy Duty Dot-Peen marking system Continue reading

CMT Blue – Standard Machine color

Q: What is the CMT standard Machine color?

Q: Ral5022 Night Blue

Roll Marking Machine

R800 Automatic Roll Type Video

R800/R500 roll type attachment and Holder video Continue reading