I-Mark I series Dot-Peen Marking Video

The CMT I-Mark I series dot-peen marking system make a 2D code. Continue reading

I-Mark HH2050 Hand Held Electric Dot-Peen Video

Video of The I-Mark HH2050 Electric dot-peen system Continue reading

CNC Automated Roll Type Holder – Video

Columbia Marking Tools has a complete line of CNC Roll Type attachments. Continue reading

IM-MS60 Scribe Test Mark


Marking Solution tested: IM-S60 Scribe with part rotator

Part Description: CNC Tool Holder

Part Material: Steel > 30

Mark info: Character size: 10MM

Information in 2D code: 20 Characters 2D code Part Number

Mark cycle time 46 Seconds

Air… Continue reading

Custom I-Mark Model IM-C150 Video – marking on OD

Custom I-Mark Model IM-C150 Video - marking on outer diameter. Scribe and dot-peen 3 axis system. Continue reading

I-Mark Scribe Video

I-Mark scribe video with diamond pin. Continue reading

Video link for Slide-A-Mark 651;751;851 installation

We have a Raw youtube video which was done for a remote customer to help with the installation of a Slide-A-Mark. This can also be helpful for any Impact marker CMT manufactures.