Marking Stamps and Dies FAQ

FAQ about marking stamps and dies

CM7X round inserts – Special length?

Q: The standard length is 3/4″. What special length options are available?

A: Up to 3″ long.

CMM stamping Dies – Material and Hardness

Q: What material are the CMM090 stamps made of and what hardness? Are there different materials available?

A: Tool steel. Varies with availability – O-1 or W-1. The hardness is 58Rc.

CMT offers custom materials – please specify.

Can I use my hand stamp in a press?

Q- I have an R-Buster hand stamp for marking mild steel. I was only marking 25-50 parts per day.

My business has taken off and the volume is now over 200 per day. I would like to use a press… Continue reading

Custom 2D Code Die

Custom Die

HENAF2660 Det 01- Custom Press Stamp to Read: 21-28643-000  103985, and 2D code and additional engraving/ (Ref Dwg. AB9699) Blank Size: 3.75″ x .75″ x 1.25″

Blank Engraved and Heat Treated

Comparison to Competitor

Engrave and Heat Treat of MAC’S logo per customer supplied art work. Logo height to be as big as possible which will be around 7/8”. Move the ”M” Logo and the MAC’S closer together. Blank supplied is… Continue reading

W-1 vs CPMM4 for CM7X round inserts

Your Question: We use 1/4” round insert stamps for marking full hard 301 stainless steel.  A consultant recommended the use of CPM4 as a stamp material to increase life of stamps.  I was wondering material you make our… Continue reading

Stamp Breakage in Roll Marking Application

Q: We are  having a problem with the same W stamp breaking on a frequent occurrence. The same stamp breaks each time, I also wanted to inquire about having a stamp plate made with a set screw… Continue reading

EDM – Why Not?

EDM-Electrical Discharge

Machining: The process

Typical EDM circuit


EDM involves passing a high frequency current from a shaped electrode or wire via a small spark gap to the tool steel blank which is immersed in a dielectric fluid. The… Continue reading