Steel Stamps

Steel stamps for marking.

CM7X round inserts – Special length?

Q: The standard length is 3/4″. What special length options are available?

A: Up to 3″ long.

Classic car restoration

Customer- I am restoring a 1966 Chevy and would like to mark the engine block. Can you replicate the current markings on the engine?

If so what do you need me to provide. Thank you.


CMT- Yes we can… Continue reading

Can I use my hand stamp in a press?

Q- I have an R-Buster hand stamp for marking mild steel. I was only marking 25-50 parts per day.

My business has taken off and the volume is now over 200 per day. I would like to use a press… Continue reading

Press style stamp with logo and pocket for segment insert. Ref. AK05102

Programmable Marking vs Impact Marking

Question:  What is the difference between Dot Peen marking and Impact?

Answer: Programmable marking gives you the versatility of marking several different legends and logs with very easy change over.  If your mark is doesn’t chance much and… Continue reading

Die shoe holder for emboss stamping

Example of a die shoe holder for emboss stamping.  This example was used for marking vin tags.

Each pocket holds up to (13) 3/16” tall custom font characters.  Ref. AC3149

Custom Stamp

50 LITER 10 in. Rev “D” Det 6A Custom stamp to read: A *Heat code *1/8″ sharp face character *Gothic font

Broken Embossing Die

Poor die design causes failure

Simple concepts were forgotten in the design and manufacture of the above embossing die. What they did was perfectly match two pieces of metal to form a die. What they forgot was how the metal… Continue reading