Air Impact FAQ

FAQ for air impact markers

Average weight per Impact Marker

Q: What are the weights for air impact markers models 88,98,288,298,451,751,851 and 78?


A: Average weight per model – options selected may impact weight.

Model 88 –  6.5 lbs.

Model 98 –  15 lbs.

Model 288 –… Continue reading

Model 288 Rod sticking


We are using the PLC to send a signal for a very short time so we can control how hard we stamp the part. We have measured the wave form and it appears the signal is good. Could you… Continue reading

FAQ Model 78 MIte E Mark


Of this model 78FKOB10E, I would like to know what is the difference between a pneumatic marker lubricated or dry?

I would also like to know if the marker tips are included and in what sizes?



The… Continue reading

FAQ Position Sensors



I have a question regarding your markers and the mounting of the positioning sensor on the rear of the unit

Within my company this unit has been used several times and the existing order number is… Continue reading

Questions on FRL for Model 75


Good Morning  I currently am looking for a new 075FRL20. I need to know what size fittings are on the ends of the hose. I have attached a couple pictures  of what I am looking for.… Continue reading

Air Impact Marker – Part number location


The Model 288 (an other air impact markers) all have a COMPLETE part number marked on them. The location for this part number is on the angle or mounting bracket.

The complete part number can be found on the… Continue reading

Can the model 78 mark a 1/4″ tall character into mild steel?

Q- Can CMT’s model 78 mark a 1/4″ tall character into mild steel?


A- No the model 78 air impact marker with the 2″ stroke puts out 2,200 lbs. of force at 80 PSI.

(1) 1/4″ tall character going… Continue reading

Valve pack for double acting air impact maker

Q- I recently purchased the model 78-FK-OB-20 along with the RVPDDC retro fit valve pack. Due to a application change, I now need to use the model 98 single acting air impact marker. Do I need a new valve pack… Continue reading

Model 288 part number location

The model 288’s part number location can somethimes be hard to find.

It is stamped on the mounting bracket. See beolw.



Model 751/851 part number location

The complete part number will be stamped on the back cap.

See below for an example. (click on pictures to enlarge)