Air Impact FAQ

FAQ for air impact markers

How To Rotate a Retract Position Sensor.

How to rotate a retract position sensor. Continue reading

Model 78 exhausts “too much air”

Q: For the Model 78,  when it impacts it seems to exhaust a lot of air. This is normal correct? Its just some sort of a quick exhaust?

A: The seals are design to release the air when… Continue reading

Connector Style for Model 288

Q: What sensor is integrated in the model 288-OB-25-D?

One of the Integrated Connectors for the Air Impact Marker lineMore information on all Connectors

A:   Eurofast: Small metric (M12 x 1 thread)10 volt/ 65 voltDC4 pin, 3… Continue reading

Model 288 Tube/Pipe Size and connections?

Q: What is the NPT and the Tube size required to install the model 288?

A:  The tube size is 3/8” with a ½” shop air line into the valve. The air connection is 3/8″ NPT. For the complete… Continue reading

Return position sensor for model 88?

Q: Does the model 88 have a switch to tell that it’s returned and away from the part?

A: No. The model 88 does not have return switch because the return force is generated with a spring. The model 88… Continue reading

Air Requirements for Air Impact Markers

Air Requirements

A simple chart gives various information for Air Impact Models. The information includes the bore size, stroke length, and relative time to extend, CV, SCFM, and expected drop in pressure of the compressed air.

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Wiring Information for CMT Eurofast Air Impact Marker Connector and others

CMT uses Turck Brand sensors. The wiring instructions are all provided by Turck. 

Q: What is the wiring instructions

A: These are provided my the manufacturer. 

Turck Sensor Wiring Explaination

Average weight per Impact Marker

Q: What are the weights for air impact markers models 88,98,288,298,451,751,851 and 78?


A: Average weight per model – options selected may impact weight.

Model 88 –  6.5 lbs.

Model 98 –  15 lbs.

Model 288 –… Continue reading

Model 288 Rod sticking


We are using the PLC to send a signal for a very short time so we can control how hard we stamp the part. We have measured the wave form and it appears the signal is good. Could you… Continue reading

FAQ Model 78 MIte E Mark


Of this model 78FKOB10E, I would like to know what is the difference between a pneumatic marker lubricated or dry?

I would also like to know if the marker tips are included and in what sizes?



The… Continue reading