Air Impact Applications

Air impact markers applications using custom and standard products to provide marking solutions.

Mite-E-Mark Video

Short video showing the operation of the Mite-E-Mark Continue reading

Hand held air hammer model 75/85

The model 75/85 are a great option for simple inspection marks.

These units take out the safety hazard of hand stamping. Available in 1,500 lbs. of force (model 75) and 2,500 lbs. of force. (model 85)

See picture below.… Continue reading

Model 651 Slide-A-Mark with automatic numbering head.

Customer’s application required marking of (2) different automotive parts. Cycle time was very important. So by having the speed of impact marking and the ability to change part numbers quickly with the automatic numbering head this was a great soultion.… Continue reading

Model 451-OAS63-25-E

Q. I need to mark (18) 3/32” tall characters into aluminum. Will the model 451-OAS63-25-E work?


A. No it will not. (See below)

The model 451-OAS63-25-E only has a 5/8’’ wide pocket which will only hold (6) 3/32’’ characters.… Continue reading

751 Slide-A-Mark Heavy Duty holder retention

Customers with the Slide-A-Mark air impact marker sometimes have problems with the quick change holder coming loose.  There are many factors that can contribute to the loosening, incorrect orientation of the ball lock, the holder is not flush when… Continue reading

Slide-A-Mark hammer replacement- the most versatile impact marker

The Slide-A-Mark air impact marker is Columbia’s most versatile impact marker.  With dozens of configurations and tooling options this marker can handle just about all impact applications.  What is not commonly known is how easily this marker’s power… Continue reading

Impact marker in harsh enviroment

Q: I need to mark a part with (1) 3/16” tall character. I was looking at the model 78 series. Will the 78 work in an environment covered in coolant? I have used other impact markers in the… Continue reading

Double acting Slide-A-Mark sticking

Q: Recently my Slide A Mark started sticking in the advanced position. . I am using the 751 for a staking application and the rod occasionally will stick and stay out. What is causing the rod to… Continue reading

marking pressure for (8) 1/8” tall characters into mild steel

Q: How much force will it take to impact mark (8) 1/8” tall characters into mild steel?


A: Depending on the grade of mild steel. Each character will require 1,200 to 1,500 lbs. So the total amount of force… Continue reading

PR751 New Buttons (AG09846)


PR851-OK-25-00 All Air Powered Marking Machine featuring: a) Heavy duty bench style machine frame b) 2 1/2″ maximum self-seeking ram stroke c) Keyed non-rotating ram d) Power rated for 10 tons (at 90 psi) e) All necessary air control… Continue reading