Marking on the opposing side – Unique applications in marking

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The top of the line air impact marker – the Slide-A-Mark is used in high volume production as a reliable and cost effective marking process. Columbia’s Slide-A-Mark marking tools use a patented, soft-impact marking action to mark various metallic or non-metallic surfaces at low noise levels. The markers are pneumatic units that telescope (or stroke) to the workpiece, pre-loading the alphanumeric stamp against it. Then they propel the internal hammer, which develops marking force, into the stamp, permanently marking the part. These tools are used for marking applications including lot numbering, date coding, traceability, inventory and final inspection as well as non-marking applications such as piercing, staking and seating of products.

The 10 ton version of this system provides additional force required for larger characters or longer marking legends.

The example in our demo coach for the 10 ton Slide-A-Mark demonstrates the ability of ALL the air impact markers in providing a unique marking solution by marking on the BACK SIDE of a part. The back side of the part is designated as the side AWAY from the marking tool.

Unique marking example on the Model 851 10 ton Slide-A-Mark – featured on the CMT mobile demo coach

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