Fast Economic Date Coding with quick tooling changeover

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The ultimate combination of fast durable marking meets fast simple tooling changeover. The CMT patented Slide-A-Mark has long been used for date coding and part numbering. This combined with the numbering head tooling provides a solution that reduces costs with a minimal investment.

Columbia’s Slide-A-Mark marking tools use a patented, soft-impact marking action to mark various metallic or non-metallic surfaces at low noise levels. The markers are pneumatic units that telescope (or stroke) to the workpiece, pre-loading the alphanumeric stamp against it. Then they propel the internal hammer, which develops marking force, into the stamp, permanently marking the part. These tools are used for marking applications including lot numbering, date coding, traceability, inventory and final inspection as well as non-marking applications such as piercing, staking and seating of products.

Slide-A-Mark paired with numbering head provides amazing economic solution for fast marking and quick tooling changeover

Slide-A-Mark Options Offer Versatility

The marker is available in five standard rod styles, with multiple stamp holders and numbering heads. The standard Slide-A-Mark tool has a maximum approach stroke of 2 1/2 inches. However, either model can be ordered with maximum strokes of four, six and eight inches to accommodate applications requiring extra stroke lengths. The standard Slide-A-Mark tool uses side-lug mounting, although special mountings can be made to order. For differing workpiece materials, the marking force is adjustable using an air pressure regulator.

The broad range of power capacities available means a wide variety of non-marking applications for this tool. Because of their repeatability, Slide-A-Mark products have been successfully used in assembling, crimping, piercing, seating and testing operations. All Slide-A-Mark tools are now equipped with fixed, internal flow or speed controls that do not require adjustment, providing a compact, secure, lower maintenance product.

The sturdy steel numbering head provides the most efficient and quick tooling changeover for the Slide-A-Mark

Numbering head tooling

The numbering head replaces the standard stamp holder. The stamp holder requires the removal of the stamps, and possibly the holder to changeover the marking information. The numbering head provides a different marking legend with just the rotation of a die wheel. Fast and simple.

130K-6M-19 Numbering Head featuring:
a) K style mounting for Slide-A-Mark series impact markers
b) 6 manually indexed wheels
c) 3/16″ character size
d) Sharp face gothic characters
e) Solid one piece frame
f) One piece wheel design
g) Direct reading on wheels for easy setup
h) Wheels to read per legend layout

(6) digit code is clear and deep in a fraction of the time as other marking methods

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