Air Impact Examples

Air impact marking is a quick and effective indention method for production marking.

Model 851 marking date code into Automotive Rear Lower Control Arm

Marking Solution tested: Standard 751KA and KB holders

Part Description: Rear Lower Control Arm

Part Material: High Strength Alloy.

Marking info: 1234     Character Size: 4 1/8″

Information in 2D Code: N/A

Mark cycle time required: 5 Seconds

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CMT Air Impact markers used for more than marking – example#1

Model 288 used for non-marking application. Reasons include space and price. Continue reading

Metal Bracket Marked by Slide-A-Mark

Metal Bracket marked by Slide-A-Mark

Marking Solution tested: CMT’s telescoping 8 ton air impact marker the Model 751 Slide-A-Mark

Part Description: Metal Bracket – automotive

Part Material: Sheet Metal – soft steel

Mark info: 8R8R     … Continue reading

Model 851 marking date code onto an automotive camber link.

Camber link Marked Part

Marking Solution: Model 851 Slide-A-Mark

Part Description: Steel camber link

Part Material: Heavy Gage steel

Mark info: 1234      Character Size: 1/8″  &  3/16″

Information in 2D code:  N/A

Mark cycle time required:   5 seconds

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Mite-E-Mark Video

Short video showing the operation of the Mite-E-Mark Continue reading

Air impact marker marking harden cast iron parts.

Model used: 851-OK-25-00 ( Air impact Marker ) with 751KC100 Holder 

Many times CMT is asked, can air impact markers mark harden parts. The answer is yes, but there are issues to consider. 1) Reduction in the amount… Continue reading 

Model 78 with custom rod extension

78-SUB-FK-GB-20-AE2227  Mite-E-Mark Air impact marker featuring: A) Air forward air return B) Foot mounting C) Keyed non-rotating rod D) Max force 2200 lbs. at 80 psi E) “GB” style to hold (1) CM7G stamp insert F) 2″ max stroke… Continue reading

Model 288 air impact marker with 6″ stroke.


The model 288 has many different options available such as: different stroke lengths, mounting brackets and position sensors.

Picture below is of a 288-SP-OB-60-D-NL.

The 288 puts out 3 tons of force at 80 PSI.

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Model 78 air impact marker with extended rod.

The model 78 is CMT’s most sold impact marker.

It’s compact size makes it a great choice for integrating into a machine design.

We can also customize as seen in the picture below. This unit has a 2.5″ extended… Continue reading

Square Tube Marked With Air Impact Marker

Square Tube

Part:  Square Tube

Material: Steel

Character size: 1/16″ Number of characters: 5 Characters One line of variable information

Note: DotMachine used: Model 651 Air Pressure: 30 psi Cycle time: 3 sec

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