Marking Stamps and dies

Steel and brass dies and stamps for marking products.

CM7X round inserts – Special length?

Q: The standard length is 3/4″. What special length options are available?

A: Up to 3″ long.

CMM stamping Dies – Material and Hardness

Q: What material are the CMM090 stamps made of and what hardness? Are there different materials available?

A: Tool steel. Varies with availability – O-1 or W-1. The hardness is 58Rc.

CMT offers custom materials – please specify.

Roll Type Holder R900

Roll Type Holder

R900 Automatic Roll Type holder specially designed for use in CNC turning center.

Shown with solid roll die, This example is used to mark close to the collet.

Embossing die pair AL07919 for aluminum gutters

Customer will be using the large embossing on gutters, so the mark can be seen from the ground.

Looks great! The image on the right is the die shoe holder.

Replacing Stamps in RMC Roll type holders

When replacing your stamps in your roll type holder it is very important to make that your stamps are properly set in the holder before you tighten down and attach to your machine.




Columbia’s wedge type steel… Continue reading

Classic car restoration

Customer- I am restoring a 1966 Chevy and would like to mark the engine block. Can you replicate the current markings on the engine?

If so what do you need me to provide. Thank you.


CMT- Yes we can… Continue reading

Can I use my hand stamp in a press?

Q- I have an R-Buster hand stamp for marking mild steel. I was only marking 25-50 parts per day.

My business has taken off and the volume is now over 200 per day. I would like to use a press… Continue reading

Press style stamp with logo and pocket for segment insert. Ref. AK05102

Programmable Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have 25 different parts and need a Roll Marking Machine with quick change over.  Can you help us with this?

Answer: Absolutely.  Below are some photos of a completely programmable roll marking machine with a servo… Continue reading

Programmable Marking vs Impact Marking

Question:  What is the difference between Dot Peen marking and Impact?

Answer: Programmable marking gives you the versatility of marking several different legends and logs with very easy change over.  If your mark is doesn’t chance much and… Continue reading