I-Mark I/O Mapping

The First word of the Input bits is the I-Mark Status Word and the First word of the Outputs is the Control Word of I-Mark.  Here is the mapping for what bit is which function according to I-Mark’s Inputs… Continue reading

IMC Dot Peen

Test Mark #1 2D only                                                                      … Continue reading

Scribe & Dot Peen Marks




Dot Peen

Dot Peen

I-Mark IM-M200 Bench Top Dot Peen Programmable marking system


IM-M200– I-Mark programmable dot peen unit includes all required components for setting up a marking station:


Marking Head Assembly

  1. Bench-top stand
  2. Controller Model 200
  3. Integrated PC, includes I-Mark software preloaded on Windows 7 (32 bit and 64… Continue reading

Machined Aluminum Dot peen and Scribe Sample marks


Sample marks showing Dot-Peen and Scribe on Machined Aluminum surface.


Sample Dot-Peen Mark

Model: IMID60 I-Mark I series

Character size: 1/8”

Depth of mark: .003” – .004” (not including raise up)

Marking Speed: 4-5 characters per second

Travel… Continue reading

IMIS60 Scribe Marking Machined Aluminum

Columbia Marking Tools IM-IS60 Scribe marking machined aluminum. Marking a 6 digit date code into machined aluminum.

RE: Test marking date/ shift code with a 2D Data Matrix.



Thank you for providing CMT the opportunity to show you the new Square-Dot technology. This technology was developed to save customers money and provide them with a viable alternative solution to the… Continue reading

Q and A My I-Mark is printing backawards.


We took a controller from another machine that is undergoing some work.

The controller I have currently has all the correct firmware.  I do have an issue, whenever I print out data, it seems to all be backwards.… Continue reading

IMIS60 Scribe Test Mark


Sample mark was done on CMT I-Mark IMI60


*Parts were provided with a sample of current mark.


Test mark to show the how CMT’s Scribe can make a reliable stress free mark



Test Mark

Marking:… Continue reading

Using the external Start button with I Mark


                This document outlines how to setup and use the I-Mark start button which is purchased separately from CMT. The start button will be used… Continue reading