ID60 Test Mark Filtration Housing Component

Marking Solution tested: ID60

Part Description: Filtration housing component

Part Material: Glass filled nylon

Mark info: Character size: 5MM

Information in 2D code:

Mark cycle time required: N/A 8.7 seconds as tested

Mark info: # of characters: Varied as need… Continue reading

I-Mark IMH60 Heavy Duty Dot-Pen Hand Held Marker

I-Mark Electronic Dot-Peen Hand Held

The all electric hand held dot-peen solution from CMT offers a great choice for flexible part marking. 

I-Mark Hand Held Video

The CMT I-Mark IMH60 Hand Held Heavy Duty Dot-Peen marking system Continue reading

I-Mark Scribe Video

I-Mark scribe video with diamond pin. Continue reading

Machine ID

Machine ID

Q: Where to find the I-Mark Machine ID?

A: The 8 digit code is found under the diagnostics tab. This is sometimes required to issue a new key.


Soft Home position

Here are some screen shots as well as instructions on setting the soft I recommend that after 15 to 20 runs send the marking head back to the hard home position as it will tend to drift as once that… Continue reading

Pin out diagram for I-mark

Do you have a pin out we can share so he can start planning the wiring?

Please see diagram..


MODEL-200-IO connections

I-Mark Ethernet communications

Q: How to use the Ethernet communications with the I-Mark controller


A: The First word of the Input bits is the I-Mark Status Word and the First word of the Outputs is the Control Word of I-Mark. Here is… Continue reading

IM-IS60 How to add an external start button


How  to add an external start button to an IM-IS60? Also can  I access the internal 24V power for the button instead of adding an external power supply?


When adding an External start button note that… Continue reading