I-Mark Controller FAQ

I-Mark EthernetIP Programming guide for RSLogix 500

Manual in PDF form to download

Q and A My I-Mark is printing backawards.


We took a controller from another machine that is undergoing some work.

The controller I have currently has all the correct firmware.  I do have an issue, whenever I print out data, it seems to all be backwards.… Continue reading

Tech Support for marker with firmware updates.




I am trying to reach someone in the customer support group that might be able to help me with an error that I am seeing on our machine (SN AJ3832).  The error says that either the… Continue reading

Configuring IP Address

Q When trying to connect my lap top to my marking machine I receive an error letting me one or more marking machines could not connect even though they are visible.


A: Your network setting on your controller… Continue reading

I-Mark Controller Start Signal

Q: I’m working with a I-Mark Series impact printer and need to know how long the I need to hold the cycle start ON for to get the marker started?


A: The I-Mark marking system only requires a momentary… Continue reading

IM300 Questions.

Q: We have an IM-300 with two ID60 heads at a customer’s facility. This unit is the first of two that has been in service for a few months. Our customer has raised a few questions that we are looking… Continue reading

I-Mark – No Mapped Controller

Q: After programming system and shutting down PC, and then turning it on again, there are now no mapped controllers?

A: The problem with not being able to connect is that on the laptop the Wireless network interface… Continue reading

I-Mark with Rotator

Q: Does the rotator alsways have to be connected to the I-Mark system?

Q: Yes. If a rotator is purchased then the complete system must be connected to assure a properly “homed” cycle.

AMPs required for standard I-Mark controller

Q: What Amp is required for the standard IM200 I-Mark controller?

A: 6 amp draw-

I-Mark controller able to handle 220V

Q: How will the I-Mark hook up to 220V and 50 htz for Europe?

A: You can connect it directly by hard wiring the cord.