Clear Scribe Marking

The Diamond Scribe creates very clean looking marks. The diamond tip embeds into the substrate and carves the characters. This is different than a dot-peen or pinstamp method. In the pinstamp operation the carbide pin quickly impacts the surface in rapid succession while the marking head is moved across the surface tracing the characters.

2D Code: Dot-Peen VS Square Dot

This is a great comparison between the standard dot-peen 2D code and the Patented CMT Square-Dot version. A 2D code, or Data Matrix, is specifically designed to be read by a vision system. This machine readable code can be put on parts in a wide variety of methods. These methods include ink jet, dot-peen, scribe, and laser. Dot-Peen and Scribe provide the solutions with the deepest marks, are considered permanent, and economical as compared to other methods