I-Mark INTEGRATOR SCRIBE 60 – IM-IS60 “SilentScribe” marking machine includes:
1) IMIS60 Marking Head Assembly
2) Model 200 Controller
3) PC software (Customer supplied PC required for initial programming, and may be used for monitoring over Ethernet)
4) Cable to connect Marking Head to Controller, 10 ft
5) Ethernet crossover cable to connect controller directly to PC  2 ft (RED)
6) Ethernet Patch Cable to connect controller via network or ethernet switch  2 ft (BLUE)
7) 6 ft cable 110VAC power supply

I-Mark IMC Series

IM-C AE05146 Custom Turn-Key I-Mark UID Mark n Read station includes all required components for setting up a marking station: 1) Marking head IMC-ST150-AS air scribe with marking window 100mm x 150mm (4″ x 6″), stepper motors and ***********uses aircraft type diamond stylus (IMIS-PIN-UID) 2)  Controller Series-200 3) Dell PC Read more…

IMC Scribe Marking Machine

Front View IMC

Front View IMC

Project Scope: CMT to supply a stand alone Diamond Scribe marking machine to mark a high resolution Square Dot 2D Matrix with man-readable text and non-printing ASCII characters (additional mark security) onto automotive racing parts. Materials are steel and aluminum. Machine is manual load / unload. Marking times vary from 20 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the part.

CMT to provide:
a) Heavy duty machine base
b) Marker swing arm – for large part marking
c) IM-C marking system capable of dot-peen or scribe marking. Scribe marking is required for CMT patented Square-Dottm
d) Programmable electric Z axis, 100mm
e) Cognex Camera – fully integrated into marking station to provide mark and read system
f) Upgraded operator Face with industrial touchscreen
g) IM software with customization to include: seamless interface with Cognex, additional non-printing ascii characters in 2D code (similar to UID constructs), and writing elements from the mark read process to an ascess data file (customer to provide elements required)


a) Replacement pin
b) Hand held Cognex reader

Close up IMC

Close up IMC

Picture of marked part