2D Code: Dot-Peen VS Square Dot

This is a great comparison between the standard dot-peen 2D code and the Patented CMT Square-Dot version. A 2D code, or Data Matrix, is specifically designed to be read by a vision system. This machine readable code can be put on parts in a wide variety of methods. These methods include ink jet, dot-peen, scribe, and laser. Dot-Peen and Scribe provide the solutions with the deepest marks, are considered permanent, and economical as compared to other methods Continue reading

I-Mark Scribe Video

I-Mark scribe video with diamond pin. Continue reading

Scribe Mark

The marks were done with CMT’s IMIS60 Scribe.  The marks you will receive are not your exact readings, but are examples of what you can expect to achieve.  We marked A 10 digit man readable and 2d Square… Continue reading

Headlight Cover Marked Scribe

Head Light Cover

Part: Headlight Cover

Material: Plastic

Character size:  3/16″ square Number of characters: 11

Machine used: IM-IS60 Air scribe Cycle time: 10 sec


For more on the marking system used please see: