Model 451-OAS63-25-E

Q. I need to mark (18) 3/32” tall characters into aluminum. Will the model 451-OAS63-25-E work?


A. No it will not. (See below)

The model 451-OAS63-25-E only has a 5/8’’ wide pocket which will only hold (6) 3/32’’ characters. (a special blank spacer would also be needed to fill the pocket)

 With (18) 3/32’’ characters you will need a 1.6875’’ wide pocket.  The 751KA-200 pocket is 2’’ wide. (sold with the model 751)

 Also I would still be concerned with the amount of force needed to mark all (18) characters. The estimated total amount of force needed would be 7,200 to 8,000 lbs.

 The model 451 at 80 PSI will produce 8,000 lbs. The model 751 at 80 PSI will produce 16,000 lbs.

 Having the extra force available will give you more flexibility and help ensure a quality mark.


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