I-Mark Eternet IP

Q: We are experiencing a periodic Loss of “Marking In Progress” signal?

A: We understand that there is a periodic communication issue with one of our systems. Please understand that all CMT I-Mark systems are fully tested and of course we do stand behind our warranty policy. Sometimes a look at where the signal goes after leaving the marker must be considered.


In fact, the Ethernet Communications as you are using are subject to

a) traffic

b) the polling rate of each device. Very different rates are subject to miscommunications.


CMT assures Chrysler that the I-Mark system does not on occasion speed up, or drop its signals as prescribe by its programming. The fact that the error is intermittent is indicative of the Ethernet Communications addressed above.


If the I-Mark is installed in a high traffic environment please try the following technique to provide continual communication of marking status.


Have the PLC look for the ready to drop out and with no Fault. Use this signal combination to be the marking in progress signal. Null signals are less susceptible to “traffic” – if there is no signal they can not get lost.


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