IMID I-Mark Dot-Peen pin “sticking”

Q: We are having a problem with one of the I-mark system we have for the Paccar project.
During production it will just stop and the pin will be stuck up in the marker, how we recover is to go in and pull the pin out of the unit.
Do you have any suggestions on how to correct the problem?

A: Attached are some findings experienced from when we repaired the damaged units. As you can see in the test tags given with each marker when new and or repaired we keep very good records. I do not know how they got damaged but I can only take an educated guess from what I see.

During install or run off or try out a crash or miss cycle may have happened down the line. I have attached photos with notes. It is possible someone put the wrong fitting in the wrong location hitting the frame thinking the guard was restricting travel and thus all the strange parts and various problems.

Note most of these units showed signs of being impacted hard enough to embed mounting plate depressions. Don’t know the installation but they are the strongest thickest and made from machine grade high strength aluminum frames. To bend these enough to damage the linear rails and bearings must have been severe.

Pin housings showed some piston heads were simply pushed past the seal and needed to be taken out and put back in correctly.

Tip; do not allow pin to hold weight of head on bench or machine when mounting. This could drive the pin past its seal and need to be removed and reset. Suggestion, remove pin cartridge and replace after mounting if necessary.

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