W-1 vs CPMM4 for CM7X round inserts

Your Question: We use 1/4” round
insert stamps for marking full hard 301 stainless steel.  A consultant
recommended the use of CPM4 as a stamp material to increase life of
stamps.  I was wondering material you make our current stamps out of
(part# CM7G16)? And if you have an option for ordering stamps made out of any
other materials?  Thanks,


The Answer: CM7G16 are about $5 each and
model from W-1 tool steel. CMT does not recommend CPMM4 for use in “IMPACT”
applications. This metal while “durable” is brittle. However, if your application
is something like a fixture designation in a clamping button – then the CPMM4
upgrade might be worth the investment.

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