I-Mark IMC Series

IM-C AE05146 Custom Turn-Key I-Mark UID Mark n Read station includes all required components for setting up a marking station:

1) Marking head IMC-ST150-AS air scribe with marking window 100mm x 150mm (4″ x 6″), stepper motors and ***********uses aircraft type diamond stylus (IMIS-PIN-UID)
2)  Controller Series-200
3) Dell PC mounted and installed, I-Mark & Cognex software preloaded
4) Industrial Monitor and Keyboard on pendant
5) IMC150 Manual Z axis with linear ways and crank handle for height adjustment, Table size to be 24″ deep
6) Machine base with lockable rolling castors
7) All required cables and connections

IMC150 Rotator Small           
* Rotator accessory to mark parts around the diameter
* Incudes drive card controller and cable
* Comes with 4″ diameter 3 – jaw chuck (with 1 set hard jaws)
* Distance from rotator centerline to table top is 5″ inches
* Maximum part wieght is 20 lbs measured 3″ from chuck face

IMC Z-Axis 100mm                             
* Electric Z-Axis ballsrew with linear guideways
* Stepper motor drive
* Includes additional drive card for controller
* Axis is fully programmable and can mark multiple heights on same part

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