Serial Data string

Q: I was wondering about the data string listed in the I-Mark Model 200 Connections Guide.   

                                    [:] “Data to be marked” [CRLF]

                                    [58] “Data to be marked” [1312]

                                    58 “Data to be marked” 1312

                                    [:] “Data to be marked” [CRLF]

I can see the output ascii string and the hex conversion that my PLC puts out.

Is the any place in the print controller that I can do this.

I need the exact characters that the print controller looks for to print Data to be marked.

A: The latest I-Mark release has the ability to monitor the Serial Data register.  However to better answer your call, depending on which version of I-Mark you are using, we give you the ability to change the data characters in the software so you can specify yourself which ones I-Mark should be looking for in the serial string.

 However if you are not using I-Mark v or Greater than the default setting for this would be as you have listed below.

 Serial Communication Settings

 BaudRate:           9600

DataBits:              8

Parity:                   None

StopBits:              1

FlowControl:      None

By default the terminating character for the start of a data string is the Colon “:” then any data following that (Up to 80 characters) is what will be marked in the placeholder 0 (%p0 in I-Mark).  Then to terminate the string I-Mark will look for CR(Carriage Return [Dec 13 or Hex D]) and LF(LineFeed [Dec 10 or Hex A]).  When you have the string formatted correctly then you should be able to send it to the I-mark 1 times any time as long as it is powered up and it will retain that string and continue to mark it when called until you send it new data which will overwrite it.

Depending on which type of PLC you are using I may be able to help you through setting the string up.

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