Air Impact Marker Press – Model PR451

Bench-top Air Impact Marker Press – with custom fixture for improved throughput and cycle time

The PR451 impact press is an all air system – with no electricity required. This system comes complete with all required air controls.

The air impact marker line is know for a quick and low cost marking style. The PR451 offers these features plus more. The PR451 is a Slide-A-Mark telescoping cylinder. The process uses the tooling to seat the part in place reducing the need for a clamping device. This features reduces price and cycle time.

Inside the guard showing the two position fixture for the custom PR451 Air Impact Press

The custom dual fixture allows for one part to be outside of the guarding – while another is being marked in the safely guarded marking station. Having the two positions allows for loading and unloading to take place during the marking process and in effect reducing additional cycle time

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