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Laser Marking Machine With Rotating Index Table Inclosed

Full Machine Enclosure2 Enclosure3 Enclosure4 Fixtue Fixtue With Part

Project Scope:  

CMT is to provide a Fiber Laser machine to mark aircraft retainer assemblies with UID code

1.Part is aircraft retainer assy

2.Material is 8620, 4340, 4140

3.Marking legend for part # CL40093-7-23 is: contains 2  UID codes first one to contain construct 1 and second one to obtain part number, part also contains manreadable charcters, using Mill Std 130 aircraft standard

4.Marking legend for all other parts to be  alpha/numeric.  (please provide prints on all parts with marking legends and locations).

5.Data to be manually entered

5.Mark time:  around 60 seconds

6.Part loading: manual

7.Rotary index table provided for gang marking of up to 4 parts, not for marking on diameter of part.

8.Laser marker must be able to have height adjustment that allows for marking parts 12″ tall from face of rotary index table.

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1″ Custom Logo Stamp – CMH100LOGC

5/16″ Custom Logo Stamp – CMH31LOGOS

5/16″ Custom Logo Stamp

CMH31LOGOS- R-Buster logo Logo to Read: PING in 5/32” (Comc Sans Ms Font) Flat Faced 5/32” CHARACTERS

For Pricing please see:

For quote request please email the following information:

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1/2″ Custom Logo Stamp – CMH50LOGOC

1/2″ Custom Logo

Medium 1/2″ Logo on R-Buster steel hand stamp. Custom designed logo stamp. a) Shank sized to fit b) 5″ long for easy gripping c) Double pass engraved for extra clarity d) Custom heat treat for long life… Continue reading

1″ Custom Stamp CMH100LOGOS

1″ Custom Logo

CMH100- Logo R-Buster plus series hand stamp featuring: *5″ long shank for easy grip *Double pass super cut characters for extra clarity and depth *HC custom heat treat for durability *Safety end (soft hammer end) for reduced… Continue reading

Custom Hot Stamp Dies

Hot Stamp Die

82095001- Custom Hot Stamping Die Featuring: A. 2″ Diameter X 1″ Long B. ENGINE OIL (with arrows) C. Flat Face Characters for Marking Plastics D. Heat Treated Tool Steel E. ACC Clean Coat to Prevent Rust F. (1) 5/16-18 tapped hole and (2) .312″ diameter dowel pin holes ** Ref blank Z3052

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Hot Stamp Die

Hot Stamp Die

LCMSHAE5568 6-line, concave stamp to read: SLING LEG SAFE WORKING LOAD 4000 POUNDS 10001-2644390 MFR 3X694 SPM8EE-10-C-F004 S/N 2008

Note: reference job Y8592 for character size and font info.

Custom Roll Die & Shank

Custom Roll Die & Shank

R800-100 Roll Attachment with 1″ diameter shank mounting.

AF2324-Custom roll die for use with R800 tooling 1/8″sharp faced Gothic font characters to read: UWT INC. MADE IN USA        PAT. PENDING

PRI 651 Impact Marker

Impact Marker

PR651-AB9339 special retro-fit SLIDE-A-MARK air powered block marking system including:

A. Floor to line fabricated marker weldment with floor mounting holes and machined marker mounting surfaces B. 651-OB-60-P2-NL SLIDE-A-MARK unit with stamp to engine block telescoping pre-loading feature… Continue reading

Slide-A-Mark & Numbering Head

Impact Marker & Numbering Head

851AC05832 Slide-A-Marker

851-OK-100-E1-AC05832 Slide-A-Mark automatic air impact marker featuring: a) Patented “Soft Impact” b) Double acting cylinder with air forward air return motion c) Maximum force 21,000 lbs at 80 psi d) Keyed, non-rotating ram… Continue reading