Flat Indention Numbering Heads – 123 & 130

130P-AC04283 press style numbering head


Press style numbering head featuring:

(6) manually indexed wheels

3mm Tall characters

sharp face

One piece frame

All wheels to read: 0 thru 9

Model 651 Slide-A-Mark with automatic numbering head.

Customer’s application required marking of (2) different automotive parts. Cycle time was very important. So by having the speed of impact marking and the ability to change part numbers quickly with the automatic numbering head this was a great soultion.… Continue reading

130P Press style numbering head

130P-5M-09 (ref. AK04461)

(5) manually indexed wheels

Each wheel has (10) stations

Character size is 3/32″ tall

Each station can be any alpha numeric character

Characters are sharp face for metal marking

Shank size is 1.25″ dia x 2″ long… Continue reading

123K-3A-1/8-V3970 Numbering Head

Numbering Head

123K-3A-1/8-V3970 Automatic Straight Style Numbering Head including:

a) Sturdy one piece frame

b) Patented pawl system that allows easy setting and postive alignment

c) 3 sequentially actuated wheels

d) Standard 10 station wheels with 1/8″, sharp face, Gothic… Continue reading

123 Numbering Head

Numbering Head

123-4A-1/8′-V9957 Automatic Numbering Head

with up to date Anti Shock System and plated for

corrosion resistance.

123 Numbering Head.

Numbering Head

123-4A-6M-1/8-W6944 automatc numbering head featuring:

a) (4) automatically indexed wheels

b) (6) manually indexed wheels

c)1/8″ sharp face gothic characters

d) Patented self alinging wheel rotation

e) Direct reading on manually actuated wheels

f) Forward or reverse manual… Continue reading

123 Numbering Head

Numbering Head

123-5M-5A-3/32-Z2410 Automatic Numbering Head including:

A. Solid One Piece Frame

B. 5 manually indexed wheels

C. 5 sequentially indexed wheels

D. 3/32″, sharp face, characters. Gothic font.

E. All wheels to be engraved 0 thru 9

F. Patented… Continue reading

Numbering Head ( V4930 )

Numbering Head


123K-1A-3/8-V4930 Automatic straight style numbering head including:

a. Sturdy one piece frame

b. Patented pawl system that allows easy setting and postive alignment

c. 1 sequentially indexed wheel

d. 13 station wheel with 3/8″ characters as specified… Continue reading