Handy Andy

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Handy Andy making inconsistant mark

Q: We have had Handy Andy Engraver for about 10 years and have never replaced anything on it. It seems to be inconsistent on engraving, we used to use a 1/8” spacer from the tip of the engraver to our… Continue reading

Handy Andy Com Port not being saved

Q: Is there a way to make the Handy Andy Professional software save the Com port after closing software and re-opening? It defaults to Com 3 at every start-up, which is not the port I am using, and I can… Continue reading

Handy Andy System Not Ready

Q: I have loaded the software on a Windows XP system. When I try to run the machine I get the error “system not ready”

A: If the drive for the USB does not properly load. This can be recognized… Continue reading

Handy Andy Software and Addons

Handy Andy Software Archive:

Handy Andy Handy Andy Professional : For X-Y systems built 6/2011 to present

Handy Andy Pro: HandyAndyProSetup 6.64 : For X-Y systems built 6/2011 and before

Handy Andy Fonts: hand_andy_fonts : Fonts for Handy Andy Marking… Continue reading

Handy Andy Serial counter not working

Q: We have a Handy Andy marking tool and I am having issues setting up the sequential numbering under the variable tab.

A: Page 18 in the manual covers the counter:

The counter process is interwoven into the software… Continue reading

Handy Andy Drivers

Q: In looking at the manual I see no notes about compatibility beyond Win XP. Will it function with Win7 32Bit? We have tried using a XP virtual machine inside of a Win7 64bit machine but the user couldn’t get… Continue reading

Plastic Filter Assembly

Plastic Filter Assembly

Part:  Plastic Filter Assembly

Material: Plastic

Character size: 3/32″

Number of characters: 10

Note: Two Lines of information

Machine used: Handy Andy


Cycle time: 17 sec

For more on the… Continue reading

Nuclear Fuel Rod Guide Rod

Nuclear Fuel Rod Guide Rod

Part:  Nuclear Fuel Rod Guide Rod

Material: Zirconum/Zircaloy

Character size: 1/16″

Number of characters: 10

Note: One Lines of information

Machine used: Handy Andy


Cycle time: 20 sec… Continue reading

Gas Sensor Marked With Handy Andy

Gas Sensor

Part: Shaft

Material:Copper & Brass

Character size: 1/8″

Number of characters:4

Note: One Lines of information

Machine used: Handy Andy


Cycle time: 6 sec

For more on the marking system used please see: