Roll Marking FAQ

FAQ about roll marking

Loading height for 4040SD barstock marker

Q: What is the load height of the 4 sided barstock marker model 4040SD?

A: The base includes holes for leveling feet and lagging to the floor however they are not included with the machine.  Attached is a screen… Continue reading

Model 260 Slide Stroke Adjustment

CMT’s 2 sided Bar Stock Marker


Marking Steel HEX marking a 4 digit heat code.


Horizontal Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have a very odd shaped part and I am looking for a very quick load/ unload process to meet production requirements.  My standard upright machine requires me to clamp and unclamp the part.  What can CMT… Continue reading

Programmable Roll Marking Machine

Question: I have 25 different parts and need a Roll Marking Machine with quick change over.  Can you help us with this?

Answer: Absolutely.  Below are some photos of a completely programmable roll marking machine with a servo… Continue reading

Marking Depth

Question: We are currently marking our parts .045″ deep.  Can your marking machines mark that deep?

Anwser: Most of the time we can but in most cases the marking depth is no where close to that deep.  This… Continue reading

Stamp Breakage in Roll Marking Application

Q: We are  having a problem with the same W stamp breaking on a frequent occurrence. The same stamp breaks each time, I also wanted to inquire about having a stamp plate made with a set screw… Continue reading