Scribe Marking

Scribe marking machines and sample marks

IMIS60 Scribe Test Mark


Sample mark was done on CMT I-Mark IMI60


*Parts were provided with a sample of current mark.


Test mark to show the how CMT’s Scribe can make a reliable stress free mark



Test Mark

Marking:… Continue reading

Using the external Start button with I Mark


                This document outlines how to setup and use the I-Mark start button which is purchased separately from CMT. The start button will be used… Continue reading

Square Dot vs Dot Peen 2D code

Side by side test of the same part being marked two different ways.

Aluminum Part


(25) 1/8″ characters with corresponding 2D code

Method #1 Dot-Peen with IMID60 I-Mark Integrator Dot-Peen System

IMID60 2D Code

Method #2 Scribe with IMC150… Continue reading

Part Fixtures gone Wrong!

Thinking about making your fixture in house? A new customer recently called us in because they were breaking diamond scribe pins.  As you can see from the picture, this is not a good fixture design.  CMT can offer… Continue reading

SquareDot marking

SquareDot is one of the State of the art features of the I-Mark software exclusively offered by Columbia Marking Tools.


This features allows you to print a Data Matrix using high resolution squares instead of simple dots.


Squares… Continue reading

Downloading and Saving

Q: How do I download and save a new layout in my I-Mark program.



Now that you have taught your marking location, you can download your layout

and start marking.

Select your machine in the navigation now to… Continue reading

I-Mark Creating a new marking layout

Creating a New Layout



A marking layout is the data that the machine will print.


To do this we will need to select “Create layout form the home ribbon”


After selecting your “Create New Layout” tab… Continue reading

Using CAD images inside I-Mark software to aid in programming

Customers purchasing programmable dot peen marking stations often ask what can be done to make programming a marking layout easier.  The answer is simple, use the CAD data of the part as a background image in your marking layout.… Continue reading

Diamond scribe stylus life expectancy

Columbia is often asked how long the diamond stylus in our programmable scribe marking systems last.  The generalized rule of thumb is approx. 5 times longer than a traditional carbide stylus used in other dot peen markers.  There… Continue reading

Is it possible for the IMIS60 Scribe to retract 1″? Yes the new PZ option

Q: Is it possible that the Silent Scribe I-Mark system can retract 1″?

Customer has concerns about damage to marking head during part loading and unloading.


A: Yes the PZ option is the perfect solution for applications where there… Continue reading