Scribe Marking

Scribe marking machines and sample marks

Dot Peen and Scribe









CMT Test Marking Lab Results

Marking Solution tested:     Dot Peen and Diamond scribe Place sample photo here Part Description:      Ducting material Part Material:      … Continue reading



IMMSTART – Cycle start push button box for quick initiation of cycle start instead of having to push enter on the keyboard every time. Comes complete with cable and connection to IM Controller.


The test mark was successful.

CMT strongly feels that the programmable option will work best.

Please note that the marking cycle time varied from 2 seconds to 6 seconds, depending on the character size and number or characters.


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Scribe Mark

The marks were done with CMT’s IMIS60 Scribe.  The marks you will receive are not your exact readings, but are examples of what you can expect to achieve.  We marked A 10 digit man readable and 2d Square… Continue reading

Test Mark – Laser & Scribe

Columbia Marking Tools has performed two methods of sample; the samples were done on CMT’s IMIS60 Scribe programmable and a 50 watt Fiber laser. You will see three samples from each application with various settings. The marks you will receive… Continue reading

Fisher Barton laser and scribe test

Scribe Laser

Laser Sample mark #1 20Watt

% power: 35

# of passes: 2

Step size: 40

Mark Type: Raster

Cycle time: 84 Sec


Laser Sample mark #2  20Watt

% power: 35

# of passes: 1

Step size:… Continue reading

Machined Aluminum Dot peen and Scribe Sample marks


Sample marks showing Dot-Peen and Scribe on Machined Aluminum surface.


Sample Dot-Peen Mark

Model: IMID60 I-Mark I series

Character size: 1/8”

Depth of mark: .003” – .004” (not including raise up)

Marking Speed: 4-5 characters per second

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IMIS60 Scribe Marking Machined Aluminum

Columbia Marking Tools IM-IS60 Scribe marking machined aluminum. Marking a 6 digit date code into machined aluminum.

RE: Test marking date/ shift code with a 2D Data Matrix.



Thank you for providing CMT the opportunity to show you the new Square-Dot technology. This technology was developed to save customers money and provide them with a viable alternative solution to the… Continue reading

IMIS60 Scribe Test Mark


Sample mark was done on CMT I-Mark IMI60


*Parts were provided with a sample of current mark.


Test mark to show the how CMT’s Scribe can make a reliable stress free mark



Test Mark

Marking:… Continue reading