M Series

I-Mark M series Manual

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Marking Cast Aluminum Dot Peen Vs Impact

Impact vs. Dot-Peen:

The (3) parts provided are challenge to provide a solution as requested:

a) Impact

b) One Fixture

Impact Test:


Model: 751

Material: Aluminum

Surface: Cast Rough

Air pressure: 30 PSI

Character Size: 1/4”

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IM-M75-FD (fixed dot) sample mark on steel pipe.


I-Mark IM-M75 Bench Programable Dot Peen Marker


CMT I- mark IM-M75 Marking 10 lines of text on a steel tag.

I Mark Band Fixture

When Setting up your band fixture for marking steel bands. Make sure that the steel backing plate is on the top and the clips are facing the back of the stand.


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Heavy Duty part rotator.

CMT’s heavy duty part rotator. For marking around the OD of round parts.


How to export on file on I Mark

To Export a file in the I- Mark program.

Got to the ribbon and click on file to bring down the drop down menu.


Select the Entity that you want to Export.


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How to import a file to I-Mark

Q: Can I import a program into I-Mark.


A: Yes you can import a file, and it is quite simply actually.



To get a file off a removable device,  or of your PC.


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Binary Select Setup in I-Mark

This Document is intended for setup and configuration of the binary select feature of the I-Mark software.


Please refer to the connections diagram for proper wiring of binary select I/O


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How to change and modify your layout.

Here is a demonstration of how to change a layout while marking without creating a new layout.

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