Evonda Mircevski

IM-MS60 Scribe Test Mark


Marking Solution tested: IM-S60 Scribe with part rotator

Part Description: CNC Tool Holder

Part Material: Steel > 30

Mark info: Character size: 10MM

Information in 2D code: 20 Characters 2D code Part Number

Mark cycle time 46 Seconds

Air… Continue reading

How To Rotate a Retract Position Sensor.

How to rotate a retract position sensor. Continue reading

FAQ: What Windows operating systems does the Handy Andy-X Run On?

The Handy Andy X software can be ran on Windows XP to Windows 10. Continue reading

Custom I-Mark Model IM-C150 Video – marking on OD

Custom I-Mark Model IM-C150 Video - marking on outer diameter. Scribe and dot-peen 3 axis system. Continue reading

I-Mark How to Change a carbide pin on a IM-ID60 – Video

I-Mark demonstration on how to change a pin on an IMID60 dot peen marking unit. Continue reading

Metal Bracket Marked by Slide-A-Mark

Metal Bracket marked by Slide-A-Mark

Marking Solution tested: CMT’s telescoping 8 ton air impact marker the Model 751 Slide-A-Mark

Part Description: Metal Bracket – automotive

Part Material: Sheet Metal – soft steel

Mark info: 8R8R     … Continue reading

RCLA Marked by Slide-A-Mark

RCLA Marked Part

Marking Solution: Model 851

Part Description: RCLA

Part Material: Heavy Gage steel welded parts

Mark info: 1234      Character Size: 1/8″  &  3/16″

Information in 2D code:  N/A

Mark cycle time required:   5 seconds

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LE48 Laser Large Bed

Laser LE48

CMT Eclipse  LE48 is a perfect versatile, low volume, large bed part laser enclosure. The LE48 is a Class 1 CDRH certified laser enclosure .

CMT offers a variety of laser source selections, along with 4 optional automated… Continue reading

Laser LE24

Laser LE24

• Class 1 (CDRH) certified by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health 

• Large Viewable Safety Glass

• Optional Fume Extractor (shown)

• Optional Auto door (shown)

• Optional Machine Base (shown)

• Optional PC package… Continue reading

LE16 drawer style laser enclosure

LE16 drawer style laser enclosure

• Class 1 certified by the Center for Devices and RadiologicalHealth (CDRH)

• Light Tight Enclosure

• Large Viewable Safety Glass

• Variable Height Adjustment

• Laser Status Ligh

• Mounted on Isolation Feet

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