Traceability – Basic Station ID

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Basic part traceability for station ID saves manufacturing hours in tracking production issues.

Columbia Marking Tools (CMT), has developed ready-made, complete marking stations to interface with robotic work cells.  The compact systems, called the Mite-E-Mark, specialize in marking station ID, date codes, or QC marks on products.  

According to CMT, these air impact stations are a lower cost solution to dot-peen and laser marking systems.  They also note their units are extremely rugged, provide rapid cycle times, and produce deep, highly-legible marks.

“As robotic work cells are increasingly being used in automated production, so has the need for a ready-to-mark air impact stations,” said Marc Steele, Marking Specialist at Columbia Marking Tools. 

CMT’s new marking stations feature a plug-and-play design with a selection of dry or lubricated air, all required valves, marker mounts and a part rest. The height and location of the part rest are custom-designed per application. An optional Fieldbus for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) communications is also available. 

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