Laser Mark

Part:Piston Aluminum Part Material: aluminum Character size: 1/8″ Number of characters: 3 Note: one of information Machine used: Laser Cycle time:3 Seconds For more on the marking system used please see:

Laser Marking Machine With Rotating Index Table Inclosed

Project Scope:  

CMT is to provide a Fiber Laser machine to mark aircraft retainer assemblies with UID code

1.Part is aircraft retainer assy

2.Material is 8620, 4340, 4140

3.Marking legend for part # CL40093-7-23 is: contains 2  UID codes first one to contain construct 1 and second one to obtain part number, part also contains manreadable charcters, using Mill Std 130 aircraft standard

4.Marking legend for all other parts to be  alpha/numeric.  (please provide prints on all parts with marking legends and locations).

5.Data to be manually entered

5.Mark time:  around 60 seconds

6.Part loading: manual

7.Rotary index table provided for gang marking of up to 4 parts, not for marking on diameter of part.

8.Laser marker must be able to have height adjustment that allows for marking parts 12″ tall from face of rotary index table.


Strut Housing Marked With Laser

Strut Housing Part:Strut Housing Material:Sheetmetal Character size:  N/A Number of characters: 2D Note: One Line of information  Machine used: Laser Cycle time: 4 Seconds For more on the marking system used please see: