Switch From TMP1700 to CMT

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Q: Good afternoon, My customer currently uses a Telesis TMP-1700 marking system but would like to switch to a Columbia.  Can  you provide pricing for the similar unit? Thanks!

A: CMT has THREE systems that compare with the TMP1700, and ONE that will actually run it.

  1. Handy Andy for low production requirements – this is actually less expensive!
  2. M-Series for basic benchtop dot-peen marking application (most common comparable system) – same price or less – with more features!
  3. I-Series for integration dot-peen applications (same price or less) – better built and equipped with the latest in drive control technology including full Ethernet IP controls.

B2 Black Box is able to take advantage of the latest drive control technoly using the same TMP1700 hmarking head.

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