CMT offers Gun Part Roll Marking Solutions

Floor Style All Air Roll Marking Machine

Floor Style All Air Roll Marking Machine

Columbia Marking Tools offers complete turnkey roll marking solutions to mark large gun barrels with multiple lines of information.
The 860FM-A43-20-R9S9 Air-powered roll marking machine includes:
A. Heavy duty, floor style, machine base.
B. 2″ maximum stroke
C. 3 1/2″ maximum adjustable die slide stroke
D. T-slot adjustable cast iron fixture mounting table
E. OSHA approved dual anti-tie down, anti-repeat palm buttons with ring guard
F. Pressure “Seek and Find” marking system
G. Optional ram regulator system (allows control of mark depth while maintaining system pressure)
H. Air inline OSHA approved lockout shutoff valve, filter, regulator, pressure gauge and lubricator
I. Quick change dovetail tool mount
J. Painted machine enamel blue
K. Trip mechanism to index wheels on numbering head

The solution includes a master fixture plate and dual roll cradles for extra long part marking.

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