Model 912 Hot Stamp

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Columbia Model 912 air powered hot stamp unit including:

a) Heavy duty cast iron body with 4 bolt mounting and heat sink cooling fins

b) Keyed non-rotating ram

c) Quick change dovetail tooling mount

d) 1″ stroke

e) Maximum force 240 lb

f) Retract position proximity sensor with Brad Harrison mini type connector


130H-5M-1/8-V3871 Columbia Model 130H hot stamp numbering head including:

a) 5 manually indexed wheels

b) 1/8″, flat face, gothic characters

c) 0 through 9 engraved on each wheel

d) High density cal rods for uniform heating

e) J-wire thermocouple for automatic heat control

f) Quick change dovetail mounting

g) Direct offset reading option for ease of operator character selection


912C-DH-T9368 Modular Heat Control Including:

a) Microprocessor based temperature control

b) High and low limits

c) Auto-tuning

d) Special output option for “at set point temperature”.

e) Watlow controler #93BA-1CC0-00RG