Virtual Demo Coach Tour – Introduction

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Columbia Marking Tools offers a preview of the mobile demonstration coach. This coach is equipped with over 12 operational marking machines. The marking methods include: impact, roll, dot-peen, scribe, and laser.

Demo Coach -7
Mobile marking machine demonstration coach
Demo Coach -6
External displays and marking equipment
Demo Coach -5
Impact markers and custom solutions are high lighted in the demonstration coach.
Demo Coach -4
CMT’s popular roll marking system marks both and round and flat parts quickly.
Demo Coach -3
Integration dot-peen and scribe marking systems are shown
Demo Coach -2
Laser and Dot-peen machines are featured
Demo Coach -1
The coach displays many of CMT’s marking machines

While the coach travels throughout North America, you can visit it anytime via the Marking University Virtual Tour. This is a short introductory tour. There is no set time limit for the tour, and you can visit as many stations as you are interested in in any order.

Marking Demonstrations include the following:

  1. Pipe Marking – dot-peen – I-Mark model IM-HH2050
  2. Pipe Marking – heavy duty – I-Mark model IM-H60
  3. Economical Dot-peen with Rotator – Handy Andy X model HAXR
  4. I-Mark Heavy duty large window dot-peen – I-Mark M series IMM200
  5. Keyence laser integrated in compact enclosure – LE16MDX100
  6. Mite-E-Mark Air impact marker – model 78
  7. Classic 3 ton air impact marker – model 288
  8. “Quiet” Slide-A-Mark 4 ton model 451
  9. Slide-A-Mark 8 ton model 751
  10. Marking on the reverse side of the part – 10 ton Slide-A-Mark model 851
  11. Custom dual scribe and dot-peen system – model IMC
  12. All Air Roll Marking machine – Model 860
  13. Dual station – I-Mark vs competition
  14. Dot-Peen integration unit for automation – model IMID60
  15. “Quiet” scribe marking – I-Mark I series – model IMIS60

Course Content

Station #1 - Pipe Marking standard dot peen
Station #2 - Pipe Marking Heavy Duty Dot peen
Station #3 - Economical Dot-peen marking on OD of round part
Station #4 - Large Marking window heavy duty dot peen
Station #5 - Laser marking in compact enclosure
Station #6 - Mite-E-Mark compact traceability air impact marker
Station #7 - 3 Ton standard air impact marker
Station #8 - 4 ton "Quiet" Slide-A-Mark
Station #9 - 8 ton Slide-A-Mark
Station #10 - 10 Ton Slide-A-Mark - marking on the opposite side
Station #11 - Custom Dot-peen and scribe solution
Station #12 - All Air Roll Marking Machine marking round and flat parts
Station #13 - Race CMT vs Competiion
Station #14 - Integration unit dot-peen
Station #15 - Most popular I-Mark programmable system sold - Integration unit "quiet" scribe

Marc Steele

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